The Dhammapada is one of the best known and best loved Buddhist texts, a sequence of verses traditionally said to have been spoken by the Buddha himself to help people on the path to liberation. In her version for Penguin Classics, Valerie J Roebuck seeks to translate the Pali into modern English verse that will keep the beauty and clarity of the original.

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The Buddha’s Teaching on Loving Kindness

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Karaṇīya Metta Sutta

The Buddha’s Teaching on Loving Kindness

This is what to do if you know what is best for you
And seek to attain the place of peace:
Be able, upright—truly upright,
Easy to speak to, gentle, not arrogant,

Content, with needs easily met,
With few responsibilities, of simple livelihood,
With senses calmed, skilful,
Not proud, not possessive about families.

You should not do the slightest thing
For which other wise folk might reproach you.
Think: ‘Happy and at peace,
May all beings be happy-minded.

‘Whatever living things there are,
Without exception, weak or strong,
Tall, large, or medium-sized,
Small, atom-sized or huge,

‘Seen or unseen,
Living far or near,
Born or about to be born,
May all beings be happy-minded.

‘Let not one deceive another
Or despise another, anywhere;
Let not one wish evil on another,
Through anger or ill-will.’

Just as a mother would protect her own child,
Her only child, even with her life,
You should develop a limitless mind
Towards all beings.

You should develop a limitless mind,
Spread loving kindness to the whole world,
Above, below and across,
Without obstruction, enmity or hatred.

Standing, walking, sitting,
Or lying down, so long as you are awake,
You should maintain this awareness:
They call this Divine Abiding here.

So, not falling into wrong view,
Of good character, endowed with insight,
Giving up grasping for sense-pleasures,
You will not return to a womb again.

Like a beautiful flower…

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Red Rose

Like a beautiful flower,
Colourful but scentless,
The well-taught word is fruitless
For one who does not practise.

Like a beautiful flower,
Colourful and fragrant,
The well-taught word is fruitful
For one who practises.

Dhammapada 51-52

Today, walking to the shops on a hot sunny morning, I saw a beautiful rose-bush in a garden. The owner of the garden saw me enjoying the scent, and we both agreed that we liked the old, sweet-scented varieties of roses the best. And those verses from the ‘Flowers’ chapter of the Dhammapada came to mind.

What All Enlightened Ones Teach

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Not to do any evil;

To undertake what is good;

To purify your own mind:

This is the teaching of the Buddhas.

(v. 183)