The Dhammapada is one of the best known and best loved Buddhist texts, a sequence of verses traditionally said to have been spoken by the Buddha himself to help people on the path to liberation. In her version for Penguin Classics, Valerie J Roebuck seeks to translate the Pali into modern English verse that will keep the beauty and clarity of the original.

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A New Year Resolution?

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Whatever an enemy can do to an enemy,
Or a rival to a rival,
A wrongly directed mind
Will do worse to you than that.

What mother or father cannot do,
Or any other kin,
A rightly directed mind
Will do better for you than that.

Dhammapada 42-3

These are some of my favourite verses from the Dhammapada, though in their apparent simplicity they are particularly difficult to translate. (The original Pali is given below.)

‘Fragile Earth’ by Robert Hammersley

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Valerie has been invited to chant some verses from the Dhammapada as part of a performance of a musical composition,’Fragile Earth’ by Robert Hammersley, to be premiered at 7.30 pm on 15 October 2011 at Dorchester Abbey, near Oxford.

People Can Change

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A Dhammapada thought for a time when we are inclined to dismiss those who have made mistakes, and deny the value of second chances!

What All Enlightened Ones Teach

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Not to do any evil;

To undertake what is good;

To purify your own mind:

This is the teaching of the Buddhas.

(v. 183)